About SEAM

What is SEAM?

SEAM is an abbreviation for Sustainable Environmental Assessment and Management. SEAM depicts sustainable management through four facets of life, represented in a pyramid shown in our logo:

  • Ecological (green): encompassing the traditional environmental aspects of developments and operatons, our area of focus is on the waste management or brown end of environmental management, as compared with the green or more ecological end of environmental management.
  • Economic (blue): based on triple bottom line thinking and full life-cycle costs, not just short-term financial aspects.
  • Social (red): representing the aspects that have an impact on the health and well-being of people and communities.
  • Spiritual (yellow): sustainability is often discussed within the first three facets – ecological, economic and social, however rarely is the fourth facet, spiritual, mentioned. The spiritual is the unseen face of the pyramid and is the unseen, but felt aspect of sustainability. SEAM is not in anyway a religious organisation, however we acknowledge and respect that spirit has a presence and important part to play in everything we say and do. 
Who is SEAM? 

James Wood (Managing Director) M Env St, Dip App Sc (EH), Grad Dip (Tech Man), CDD 

James Wood has a career spanning over 30 years in environmental health and environmental management. He is the company's lead food safety auditor and senior environmental consultant. He holds a part time role with the University of Tasmania as Co-ordinator and Lecturer for the Bachelor of Health Science (Environmental Health) at the University of Tasmania (Launceston campus).  

James has direct experience with councils, having worked for all councils in Tasmania either directly as an employed or contracted Environmental Health Officer, or for specific projects or private projects. When employed with Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment, he was instrumental in preparing several policies and guidelines, and more recently has been engaged to communitate a range of new standards and guidelines for 'enHealth'.

Project specific highlights include:

  • Project Leader of Asian Development Bank project for solid waste management in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Project Manager of the state-wide Shack Sites Project. This major project involved assessments for over 540 shack sites across Tasmania.  Specialist wastewater designs for the Tasmanian Shack Sites project as a sub-consultant to Pitt and Sherry P/L (consulting engineers).
  • Project Manager of the environmental and planning assessment for the Abt Wilderness Railway.
  • Lead food safety auditor of a range of specialist food industries including fish procvessing, oyster farming, Ready To Eat meat premises and those businesses preparing food for vulnerable people.
  • Environmental Management plans for a range of food industries.
  • Industry representative to the Waste Advisory Committee (WAC). The WAC advises the Environment Protection Authority on matters to do with waste.

James has the following accreditations 



 Certified Environmental Practitioner - Impact Assessment Specialisation


                 Accredited Building Practitioner – Designer Hydraulic # CC1984K

                 Accredited Bushfire Practitioner # BFP - 119


Tom Speed (Environmental Consultant)

Tom has been with SEAM since 2008 and plays a major role in conducting site and Soil evaluations and waste water assessments, including waste water designs.

Tom completed a Diploma of Applied Science (Conservation Ecology) in 2006 with the Canberra Institute of Technology.




Dr John Todd (Environmental Sub Contractor)

Professor John Todd works with SEAM on projects dealing with air quality, energy management, carbon footprint and climate change. 

John is an academic and consultant.  He is Director of Eco-Energy Options Pty Ltd and an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.  He has carried out research and lectured on energy and environmental management for over 30 years.  He works as a consultant for business and government in Australia, New Zealand and several Pacific Island States.


Robyn Howell (Office and Financial Manager)

Robyn handles the financial and human resource matters of the company.  
Dr Wayne Tibbets (Environmental Health Officer and Forestry Stewardship auditor)
Wayne is a practising Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and currently subcontracts as an EHO to Tasmanian Councils. Wayne also is a Forestry Stewardship Auditor. 

Dr Christian Garland (Sub consultant - Specialist Microbiologist) 

Christian Garland through his company FWE (Food Water Environment) works in collaboration with SEAM, specialising in food and water microbiological monitoring and assessment.